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Ordered TWT #1 patches. They didn't have 2 sizes of Hogwarts crests so I just ordered one for each of us. No one's going to see the second patch on the hoodie anyways.

ripstop nylon selection at denverfabrics.com has suddenly gotten smaller. They used to have 2 types of black ripstop, now there's only 1. I can't find a good red and goldish yellow sport mesh except on Hancock.com, I'm a bit iffy about that. I wish Hancock.com did swatches.

I took a look at limebarb's 1st Task outfits and what she did for the hoodie elastic drawstring locks (I found out what the hell they were called! Finally!). She just used those ones that they have at Hancock in the big fishbowl. But I'm still looking for more accurate ones online. I may just have to settle with those, though.

Edit: I found THE EXACT ONES we needed. $.29 a piece, went ahead and got 'em. Booyakashaa.

I've decided I'm going to knit and felt a new boggart Snape bag, something a bit more accurate than what I had with me at Spellbound. And then fix default Snape's sleeves. If I have enough money, I'll make a better Remus outfit, something a little more Professor-looking. I think my hair right now would be a PERFECT young Lupin. Either I keep my hair like this and wear my Harry wig, or I cut it all off again and dye it brown and ... not have an accurate Remus look. Decisions, decisions.

Finished one Denver friend present and I'm more than halfway done with the second one. These are actually turning out nice enough that I might just make one for myself. I'm so excitted about them, I'm almost tempted to post a teaser picture of them. *evil laughter*
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