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Jack Stuff

I started working today on my presents for Sam and Christina. Gotta say they're lookin' good! Gonna finish them up tomorrow, along with find some things to make my canibal king Jack toe necklace.

Anyone worked with latex things? I've worked only once with agitate to make plaster molds of my ears for when I was Meier (I wish I'd kept those plaster molds, they were quite cool!). But I've never worked with latex. Is there a certain latex I need to buy? I know Jen has Ben Nye latex, but I don't know if that's mold-making latex as opposed to like ... prostetic make-up latex.

Anyone know more about this stuff? I'd like to make a rather accurate necklace, if I can. If not, there's a costume shop that has severed toes I could possible use, but I'd really like to venture more into the prop-making circle and make my own.
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