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So, I volunteered. Yay, might be fun. I can always ditch it if I feel like it's boring. But I think it'll be interesting.

Costume plans need to start getting in order. Here's what I have planned ...

1) tweak Snape robe a bit, maybe even make his pants.
2) Make movie accurate Remus robe and possibly Professor's suit (or maybe I'll do the cartigan version)
3) make 1st Task Harry
4) re-design boggart!Snape bag
5) make Gryffindor student robe?

I'm not sure what order we're going to be in these. I'm sure it'll manifest itself once we're there. Gotta scrounge for plane ticket. I keep getting notices from United and CheapTickets.com advertising great deals to Vegas and ... they're not ... great deals ... at all. Grr. Oh well, we'll do what we can.

I'm thinking that swatch ordering and patch ordering should be put in motion before the end of the week ... man, and I still have PotC2 stuff to deal with, like making my severed toe necklace and doing a test run on the eyes make-up. I was debating making Jack's skull head dress and sceptor of feathers. I still have those irridescent ones left over from Kozi, I could SO do it ... xD

I'm so looking forward to tasting one of each of the HP themed drinks at the pub ... that's such a cool idea.

Hey bansaku, I read through the SentiCon website and I am so excitted about going to it! But I'm still stuck as to what outfit I should do ... *bites nails* I either have issues with facial hair or extreme expense issues.

Ok, non-paying LJ member's poor poll: What would you guys rather see me make?
a) Barbossa
b) pirate!Norrington
c) Commodore!Norrington
d) Someone else (if so, who?)
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