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I think my rag makes me think that there's nothing left to do in the world except sit on my computer and bitch at people. My parents got a good dose of my PMS today, I feel bad. Mom keeps bugging me about the shoes I'm going to wear for graduation. God, why do they have to fucking care about that? At least mom's not being a pain about what I'm wearing under the gown. But I do have to go shoe shopping tomorrow (or maybe just borrow something from Dana?) We'll see.

Finished the shitty proposal. Now I just need to mount my PoS drawing and ... oh right, study for Animation. Oops.

I fucking love Extra cool watermelon gum.

Just 3 more days. 3. Wow.

My parents won't get off my ass about using the DePaul career center either. I don't fucking want a job as a graphic designer. I really don't. I was just finishing school to get out of it, to get that $150,000 piece of paper saying I learned stuff. My real love is in costumes, and I want to do that, but I have the issue of paying my grandma back. Looks like I might have to suffer with a shitty graphic design job for a while. I sure as hell know I can't dish over a years worth of wolf camera paychecks (that's about $12,000 if I work 40 hr weeks for an entire 12 months x.x) so I may have no choice. Dear god, working at Wolf for a full 12 months, 40 hr weeks sounds like absolute hell. It was bad during winter because of all the greeting cards.

I've heard so many bad things from people taking design jobs that sucked ass and paid next to nothing. I'm not even a good designer, who the hell is going to hire me?
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