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After a little issue with United.com, I got my flight.

Thurs July 6th - Flight #711 (HAR) arrives at 7:30pm Denver time

Mon July 10th - Flight #764 departs 10:05am Denver time

Now I just need another $220 for my flight to Lumos :/ But I think that shouldn't be too hard to get, considering my $788 check from DePaul should be here in 7-10 business days.

All that's left in finals territory is writing up my proposal, mounting my drawing, then I should study for Animation ... I really really hope I pass that class *crosses fingers*

OMG PotC2 in Denver! I'm insane! YAH! I've got to work a little on my 'stume, maybe give it a bath. Then I have plans for gifts for both Sam and Christina :D Let's just hope I can find the right supplies for it.
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