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Ok, this post is for both toshimasa and lilacwire's ears for the most part.

Just got my debit card today (yay!) but it still needs to be fed a little more (I'm seriously at $200 right now, and flights are about $202 -___- ) But flights are very limited as you can imagine ... why the hell is it whenever I want to fly, I can never do it for under $200? Except that one time I came to NDK ...

Anywhoo, it looks like I'm going to probably book it Thursday the 6th through Monday the 10th. Flights leaving Sunday are at 6:30 in the morning, and after a night of drinking, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to want to get up and fly home, let alone subject you two to that torture. I'm trying to find a decent flight on Monday, but it would be helpful if you guys could give me a schedule of when best for me to arrive/depart? I just don't want to cut into both of your work schedules and stuff.

I'm trying to plan an evening arrival (between 6 and 9pm Thursday) and an early morning departure (hopefully not 6 am, but some time before 10 am Monday)

Get back to me whenever you can, hopefully tonight though ^_^ Hey Sam, this might mean I can go see those mountains I've been meaning to ever since NDK :D Maybe.

So, lilacwire, how are we planning the movie? Ordering tickets ahead of time and whatnot? Got any ideas for a time when we'd go? I know you said that you had work and it would be in the evening, and I know it's really early for me to be thinking about it, but I just want to see if plans have been started yet. toshimasa, you're coming too, right?

Edit: Saved by United once again, AND I get to add more milage plus miles! I haven't purchased it yet, but my flight arrives at 7:30 Thursday and departure on Monday is at 10 am. Sound good to you, Sam?
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