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Hey toshimasa, would it be a big problem for me to come on July 6th rather than the 7th? It looks like my $127 fare is gone and a cheaper flight is better on Thursday instead of Friday (Friday being a very busy travel day, I suppose). It would be later in the day, maybe early evening on Thursday. And I might be leaving on Monday e.e; I know you have work and stuff, so I want to know before I really book my flight.

I still want to come! I don't care if that means paying an extra $100. I'd love to see you and lilacwire again! And possibly even that_one_chick?

I'm surprised at how many online flight booking sites there are. I found this site called bookingbuddy.com that gives you a list of like, 30 different online booking sites, many of which I've never heard of (and kinda look a bit shady). But I'll probably be getting my ticket from priceline. Good thing I have a nearly $800 check coming from DePaul for overpayment. A fraction of that will be used for Denver, some for Lumos and the rest for Y-con. Of course, I'll be working nearly 40 hr work weeks, so I'll still have cash coming. But it'll be nice to have more than $20 in my checking account.

LOLZ. I just read a comment posted to Bunny's ACen '06 video: RobofScorpio - Great vid, pretty amusing, and cute dancing cat too. The Malice tunes mesh well. What the hell?!? Vincent picking his nose?! They just lost whatever right to cosplay Vincent Valentine they ever had.

HA. This amuses me. I'll have you know, RobofScorpio that picking ones nose and eating it is now deemed a rather healthy activity. The bacteria in your snot, as it works its way into your stomach, actually kills germs! Take that!

It's 2 am and I'm still up. WTF?
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