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Well, capstone paper is done. It's not the greatest, and I didn't quote 4 artists, but I did fill 4 pages (which is 1 more than he assigned) so I should get extra points for that one. But oh well. It's a pass/fail paper. So I'm assuming that means if I do it, I pass.

Now, all there is left to worry about is finishing my mural drawing and writing up a proposal for it. Yay I'm almost done! Squee!

I also sold 3 cameras at work today, which means an extra $20 or so on my next paycheck. Boo-yah. Jenny didn't want to be sales so I was sales today. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about, but I managed to BS my way into selling over $1000 in stuff today. Except for the fact that I was tired as fuck, sick as a dog, and dealing with irrate customers because their shit wasn't ready, it was a fantastic day! I was worried I'd pass out, but I was just too busy thinking about customers and shit to even remember that I was sick. It's going to kill me tonight, I just know it.

I'm seriously thinking about a book burning party. My dad said when he and his friends graduated from undergrad, they did a book burning saying they'd never go back to school again. But, lo and behold, here my dad is today, having gone back to school 2 more times to earn a PhD. Oh well. I'll see what I want to do, after I pay back my grandma loans.
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