JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

Things left to do:

1) Write retarded reflection paper for Capstone (seriously, you should see the requirments for this paper. I have to quote 1 living and 1 dead artist, 2 quotes from 2 guys in our textbook from people that have inspired me to be the artist that I am. Talk about bullshit work, srsly. It's only a 3 page paper!)
2) draw mural proposal o_O (haven't started, eep) Started!
3) Get budget estimates for mural (fuck calling these 'guys that will hang up on you if you say you're a student doing a student project'. I'm goin' online, damnit)
4) write chapter 5 reflection paper for mural

I think that's it, for now. Man, it's early. But maybe I can get some work in. I was thinking of not going to the 'OMG ANIME' class today, but it's our last class and I need to know what's on the final. Grr. Damn you inconvenient commuting! If I just didn't have to waste so much time getting places ... *huff*

It looks like Patch Palace might be in trouble from WB for making HP patches. Oh well, this place is cheaper. And they have a niffty Azkaban patch for you, Dana.
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