JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

So, I did a smart thing. I plugged in that flashdrive to see what was on it. Aaaand, the mystery owner is ... Jenni! She's in the Phillipines at the mo'. Damn, I was really hoping it was nobody's. I don't know why, I think it's just a neat thing to have. Granted, I have an iPod that does the same thing, store shit, but this thing hangs on your keychain! Oooouuu.

Well, I'm off to the bank to get a debit card and ask about credit cards. Hey, kyolicious, I just found your ACen hotel check ... and it's not cashed yet. Forgot about it. I don't want to surprise you with cashing it if you don't have teh funds so comment if you have a positive balance and whatnot. Sorry 'bout that.

I keep wanting to go fabric shopping, but I keep reminding myself that once I'm done with school, I can do all the flippin' fabric shopping I want. I still have a paper to write, a flash project to finish, a mural budget paper and drawning to do, and a final to study for. OMG 6 more daaaayyzzzz and I'm FREEEEE. *spaz*
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