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In my family, the holidays aren't enjoyed by bbq'ing or going to see parades or out swimming.

In my family, holidays are an excuse to catch up with yard work. And no one in their right mind would work out in the yard on a 90 degree 100% humidity day, when the allergy forcast is in the danger zone. No one except my dad. And because he does it, mom has to help but shits out after 20 minutes, which leaves me to do brunt of the work: the clean up. It's a clever way to get me to work, really.

But I celebrate my help by picking up a little extra something on my dad's tab. So today after I'm done (taking a needed break at the moment) I'm heading out with Dana. I kinda feel like fabric shopping today. Luckily my brother is a few miles away from here, otherwise I'd sock him right in the face for abandoning us and leaving me to do all this work that he could be helping out with.

Happy Memorial Day! ^_^
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