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So, I almost joined the Sponsord + LJ account option, except for the fact that my navigation bars dissapear and I can't get to earlier entries without manually typing in the URL or messing around with my customization settings. I could've gotten a new layout from the page they suggested, but for now I'll stick with the 6 icons I have and worry about the 15 I could have when I find a new layout (or when I get sick of this one).

I've been at eBay again. Just bought myself a lovely acurate Jack Sparrow emerald ring. Man, there are a LOT of Jack Sparrow costume prop accessories on sale on eBay this time around. I'd like to eventually get a proper bauldric and buckle for my sword, and of course the boots. Toby is actually selling a lot of the hard to find things, like Barbossa's necklace and waistcoat buttons (something almost no one ever sees, but if you're a craaazy Barbossa fan, you might want 'em). He's also selling a full costume, as accurate as anyone has ever been, for $1,500. Good luck finding takers on that one, Toby. Srsly. He also says that Johnny Depp has seen him in costume and thought he did a very good job. I don't know what Toby's trying to prove. He IS Johnny Depp's derranged twin, and Johnny knows this apparently.

I found out that PotC 2 comes out the weekend before Lumos. I may just want to bring Jack to Lumos, though, in an ode to lelola and bluerose25's "Oops, wrong fandom!" sign :)
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