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ACen 2006

Woke up rather early, as usual. But this time I actually had stuff to do. Finished making my pants and doing last minute details on Vincent. Cleaned up a bit, packed up, and took my sweet ass time getting my car loaded because I was having the killer cramps LIEK WHOA. Oy, that really slowed me down.

Got the car ready, gas'ed up, then headed to DePaul to pick up snacks and meet Dana. Parked illegally, didn't find much in the way of food, but got some things. Headed to Dana's to load her stuff, by then we were both so antsy that we decided just to go to the hotel, even if it was 2:30 and Cat probably wasn't there yet. We make it to the hotel in record time, stare at skanky Nerdruto cosplayers, and got in the room. Had one of the bellhops grab my cart away from me, telling me that I wasn't allowed to take it up to the room myself. FTW I say. It was just an excuse to get me to pay him a tip. I gave him a buck, bastard.

Milled around until Bunneh was about to arrive, headed out late to O'Hare because Dana was getting her badge. O'Hare traffic was terrible, the traffic cops were being asshats, and so I sent Dana out to look for her with a crappy sign (probably should've put Bunneh's name on it, not Mr. Mana). Found her, stopped at McD's, then talked for a good long while before heading to bed.

I'd say I was up around 6:45 in the morning but didn't actually roll out of bed until 8-ish when other people started to move. Mel and Isaac had to go to artist alley and we got Malice Mizer'ed.

Since Jen was coming later and Isaac didn't want to sit in his Kami outfit all day, we didn't actually get the whole group together until 7-ish. About 4 people knew who I was without asking and yet when I was passing people that I knew, they didn't recognize me. I think my afro scared people off. Didn't get petted as much as I imagined, and I only lost about 2 feathers :)

Oh the joys of cosplaying older Malice Mizer outfits. A girl in a very bad Gardenia Mana costume asked us who we were cosplaying. We started laughing, thinking she was joking, aaaand she wasn't. How sad. That had to be the most amusing part of the weekend.

Took photos outside, sat around a lot to save our feets, then met a kid I will forever call Kyo-kid. He was just so flabbergasted at us, he couldn't contain himself. "OMG you guys TOTALLY kick last years Malice Mizer group's ass!" Uuh, eeyah we were the MM group last year? Smooth one, my not-so-kyo-ish friend. He had an amazing gunblade made out of wood in a nice fitted wooden box. I'd like to go to him next time I have a prop project.

Returned to the room after a little bit of "with Kami" picture taking. It was one of those "Let's stand around the turd and look like we're posing and let people take our pictures" sort of moment. Then we all got tired and wanted out of shoes/make up.

After de-Malice Mizer'ing, we headed to Knuckles for food and drinks. Poor Sawako got so drunk she could hardly walk. I hate to say it, but it was amusing. Good thing to see she didn't die from it. Helped Jen unload her Bleach stuff from the car and then she came to help Dana with her Project G wig. While they worked until 4 am, I headed to bed.

This time I was up probably around 6:30, fell back asleep, woke p again at 7:30, then again at 7:45, then finally I got up and out of bed at around 8:30. It took a little time getting dressed, Bunneh was lucky enough to just have to put on a simple costume. Pinning things in place, getting everything just right, we headed out finally.

My boots took some getting used to, but I have to say that they did just fine. Just a little fine tuning and patching up to do and they can be warn again. Overall, the costume wasn't uncomfortable in the slightest. Dana I'm sure was toasting in her all leather get up. A few people recognized her, I felt bad. But I just know that next year she'll kick ass, because the game will be out and people will be all "Oooh, that's who you are!" I also suggested that she do Cloud next year. Oh no, I'm getting in on the Final Fantasy cosplay high! This is BAD!

Wandered around in the dealer's room, I was being an ass and complaining, but not as much as Jon in my geta. He looked so pretty dressed as a girl ^_^

By then it was time for Dana and I to line up for the Masq. I was surprised at how few cosplayers were there. I remembered the cosplay room being filled to capacity with Masq entrants! This year, they actually had enough room to accomodate overflow from the already filled 1600 seat main hall o_O Yeah, when they said how many people were in there, Dana and I just looked at each other like "Ooooh, those bastards! Why did they have to tell us!? That's a lot of friggin' people!" Granted, I'm glad we just did walk ons. I would've shat my pants had we been doing a skit.

Lots and lots of waiting ensued, got to talk a bit to the awesome Marue who did the Mononoke forest spirit costume. She and I had a it in common with our OMG!red contacts.

We actually did our walk before getting craftsmanship judged, so once the walk was over, I was quite glad to be able to sit back down and watch the skits. In the judging area, one of the judges asked if I fray checked my cape and I said that I'd burned it. They all rose their eyebrows like, "Wow, really?" I mean, how hard is it to do that? I guess I'm just a controlled pyro. Well, one of the judges was so excitted that I offered to let her burn a hole in my cape. Her hole is still there, and I have to say its quite a nice one!

So after craftsmanship, we headed back to our seats to sit down and watch the skits. There were only about 20 skits this year and all of them were pretty good (except for the Castlevania guy that swung his sword around the stage. I thought he was going to let that sword go and just fling it into the audience.) The Jin vs. Kenshin skit rocked, the other skits were humorous. I hate to admit it, but Stripper Vash's skit wasn't too bad. It was funny.

After skits were done, everyone decided to do the conga line thing again. Dana and I were like "How the shit do these people still have so much energy?" It really was amazing to see them prance around with their abundant energy. After that died down, it was time for the awards.

I actually turned to Dana to see if she wanted to go back to the room because she looked dead. She said we should at least wait for the craftsmanship judging to be over before leaving. I wasn't expecting anything, but we stayed anyways. The freakiest part was that they kept calling entrant numbers around ours, it was really getting me nervous. First they called entry 45, then entry 48 (we were 46 and 47). After they finished the merit awards and we still didn't get picked, I just really wanted to go to the room and go get dressed and maybe get something to eat. But then started the Judge's choices. I wasn't paying too much attention until I heard one of the announcers call entry 47. I was like, "Huh? Me? What? No, that wasn't me ... " but then they started to talk about my burned cape and I felt my heart just suddenly explode. Whoa, I won something! That was rather nice and very unexpected.

After they finished the craftsmanship judging, and Marue got her Best of Show, we decided to head out and beat the crowd before the Masq let out. No one stopped us, there was already a line waiting for the dance, and we just slipped quietly back to the room.

And that's when the shit hit the fan. Strangers in the room, drunk and stoned, touching my wigs. Not very nice. I was tired, I didn't exactly know what was going on, but Dana was sticking up for me hardcore. We ended up just leaving the room and waiting for the party to finish their pizza and leave. It was not a nice way for me to end an award winning day, but what can I say? Things got better when Bunneh and I ordered food. Food always solves problems.

After that, I got slightly undressed into casual Vincent and we sat by the turd a little more. Sleepiness was hitting me hardcore, so we headed back to the room to disrobe and call it a night. I didn't even bother going to the dance, I was so tired.

Got to sleep in a little more this day. Woke up around 9:30 and started cleaning/packing up to leave. I got dressed in Urahara, too. Had a hell of a time getting shit down those elevators, but we managed. Loaded things in my car and went back to the dealer's room where I quickly spent all $140 that I planned to. Bought 4 doujins (3 PotC and 1 HP), 4 Bleach cel phone charms, Urahara and Renji plushies, Cloud action figure (with a free Cloud keychain because it was his last one!), Kadaj keychain, and a Bleach mini figurine set that actually were rubber stamps.

Met up with Jen and Keidy, decided to head to Misuwa for lunch, found out that we weren't the only ACen people that thought Mitsuwa would be a good place for lunch. Got my picture taken by a group of girls, found that amusing. Bought pasteries, then headed to my house so I could nap. Slept or 2 hours while Bunneh and Dana talked, then took Bunneh to Jen's while I drove Dana home (didn't want to subject Bunneh to being alone with my parents). Came back from Dana's to go to Jen's and hang out for a bit. Found out I was still too tired, went home and slept.

After class, I learned that Jen and Bun stayed up until 5 am talking, so they were a little out of it. Drove Bun to the airport, dropped Jen off, then returned home to work on school.

Oh how quickly reality had settled back in. Just finished my capstone print out, once I get that back it'll need to be sewn. Mural midterm due, teacher has completely crazy criteria for it, but I have to do it. Not even gonna bother with Typo at the moment until I get my midterm out of the way but Shiro knows what's going on. Thank god he's at least a little sympathetic.

OMFG 3 more weeks >O Then I want to get sewing again! It's amazing that I don't want to shove my sewing machine in my closet ...
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