JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

That's it. No more MySpace. Another person that I knew a long, long time ago, whom I haven't talked to in about 5 years found me on MySpace.

Seriously, what the hell? How do they FIND me?! Is it because everyone and their grandma is on that thing? It's creeping me out. And how do they remember me from way back then? I remember them, but it's because they're FUCKING CREEPY PPL. OMFG.

In cosplay news: Urahara is 98% done. Just need to paint on about 5 more stripes to the hat. Wee. Spent another $45 on Kozi fabric, but this stuff is way better and I figured out the right stitch to use with my sewing machine. Worked on Proj G's shoulder this morning. I'm not as happy with it as I'd like to be. The bumps on the fosshape transfered onto the leather, but it looks ok. Now I just have to put the snaps on, attach some elastic and pipe the edge with something silver (be it paint or fabric, still not sure yet ).

Gonna take mom to a meeting at Hinsdale. Then it's back home to do more costumes. I plan to at least knock out Kozi's top before going to Typo II tonight.

My next project in Typo II is to do a biography on someone using a good text layout. I'm thinking about using Vincent, Snape, or Gackt. Who should I do? It can be anyone, living, dead, fictional or non-fictional.
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