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Ok, I blame my mood on PMS. I just figured out I'm due for my monthly friend this weekend. At least it's not ACen weekend like last year. I can remember yelling at complete strangers and telling this one guy to stop screaming because I had a terrible headache. I can be a supreme cunt when I'm PMSing. And I don't really realize it. I think it's the added stress of finishing costumes and hotels and transporting fragile things and all the shit that goes with cosplaying that adds to the PMS that just turns me into PMS-zilla.

My claw ran into some very bad circmstances. It's all fucked up now. I have to re-paint/resin spray all of the pieces. They have creases in them from trying to pry them loose of the glove. The glove is ruined, gotta go out and get a new pair ( maybe 2 pairs? ) and I'm still not sure if it's ever going to work. The joints wouldn't move the way I wanted to, the pieces were too long. I'm just hoping that my modifications will be enough.

At least I know that the contact cement I used is good enough to hold the pieces to the glove. I guess that's some good news.

Advent Children officially came out today. Some kid in my Animation class was waving his copy that he just bought before class like he was the shit. He was all "Teacher! Can we watch this?!?!?!? OMFGITSSOCOOLWENEEDTOWATCHIT!" I turned to him and said, "Everyone in this class has seen it, why the hell do we need to see it in class?" And he was all "Because it's DUBBED!" And of course I said, "Even more reason not to watch it ... " Damn fucking otaku.

Of course, should I really talk? After all, I am being anal about an AC costume ...
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