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Looks like it's that time again! Time to re-name my journal to the "ACen costuming update blog of FRUSTRATION!" ... or something to that effect.

It looks like scamming doesn't just come in the form of concert tickets and ebay auctions. Comissioned costume buyers are also becoming victim. This just really cheeses me for some reason. I'm not saying that all costume comissioners are bad people, but these ones that are popping up and stealing other peoples costume and prop photos and claiming them as their own. So when they look at the pretty hard work someone else did, people will come to them and order such and such and then get a lovely surprise in the mail of a $100 piece of shit. Not cool, man.

Went to Home Depot yesterday to get a bottom piece for my Urahara cane. Found the perfect thing. Painted it and attached it this morning, just need to add the Soul Society emblem on the bottom. Still need to do his karate gi. Hopefully Friday I'll get around to that, after class.

Vinny now has a full cape, which needs to be scourched a bit. Planning to attach hook n eyes soon. Cut out the foamie shapes for the buckles and they look really damn good. Now I just need to figure out what to burn into the decorative part. Can't find a good enough screencap and things that I've done look like shit at the mo'. But Vinny is getting much closer to completion. I just need to shape 3 more claws and the forearm and elbow bit and the claw will just need to be sealed, rub n buff'd and resin sprayed. Then attached ... somehow. Maybe I'll get working on the boots since that might take some time to figure out, despite looking like the easiest part of the foamie process.

Kozi ... eeeyah. Still haven't worked on him. But I ordered the feathers! As soon as those get here, I will be much more good to go.

Today between classes, I'm heading to Heads n Threads to look for a Urahara wig and a wig making cap for Kozi. And when I get back home, I'm going to jump over to Dick's to look for a hat.

Helped Jen work on Jack's Renji wig. Man, I never thought that chaulk would work to make really stiff Cloud-esk spikes, but it does, and it's fucking beautiful. Jen and I were entertaining the idea of making more Renji wigs and selling them because it actually wasn't too hard to do once we got the hang of it.

Aaand, I'm spent. More updates when I get more shit done! YAY!

Edit: I forgot, I had a dream I was Urahara last night and I was heading home on the Metra ... but when I got off the train, I was at a Japanese dock with big cranes and other weird machinery. I decided to stick around rather than look for my train again because, hey, it's Japan! I've never been here! And I ended up at a very lame carnival ... *shrug*
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