JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,


Did today:

1) Ordered the feathers today. I'm a bit worried that they won't make it in time :\ Dana, j00 owe me $11. I'm not counting the irridescent feathers unless you take a ton of 'em.

2) Weathered Vincent crosses. They look 10x's better.

3) Started to seal the finger bits on Vinny's claw. They're looking quite nice. Just about 3 or 4 more coats and it's onto rub n buff.

4) Rub n' buff'ed the top part of the glove, it was giving me quite a bit of trouble getting a clean, even finish, but in the end it's not bad.

5) Went to geriatric store to pick up a very nice and accurate Urahara cane. Bad news, I'm out $20 for it -_-

6) Couldn't find a plain white paper Chinese fan in ALL OF CHINATOWN to save my life. Yeah. I know. WTF is right.
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