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I'm pretty sure I'm having a migrane, but it's not as dibilitating as I would've thought. I tried to sleep it off, but dad didn't help matters much by waking me 30 minutes into my nap by playing the organ.

I wasn't really even sleeping. I had What Not to Wear on and I was listening to the whole show and could follow it to the end without ever sitting up to look at the TV. I kept the TV on knowing I'd fall asleep to it and wake back up again in a reasonable time.

If I didn't have it on, I probably would be still sleeping now, fucking up my whole sleep schedule. And I have to work tomorrow, at the shitty Oak Brook store, selling cameras to rich schmucks. Yippy. Lucky for me, it's only about 4 hours in the morning, when it's really slow. I think .

I work on Easter, too. Vincent put me on the schedule as "Oak Brook" meaning I'd be back at the Oak Brook store. That sorta blows.

I wanted to come to Dana's and paint Easter eggs, but I really don't trust myself behind the wheel. I haven't even smoked up today.

But I did get Urahara fabric. And a hat, which I promptly tore apart for a pattern to make my own. It fit perfectly, but it had ghey leaf embroidery on it, and lime green stitching, and gaudy silk flowers hot glued to it -_- So I'm gonna just make my own.

I'm strangely cosplay productive with a migrane, aparently. Check out my updated cosplay dot com gallery.
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