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Yay! I finally have a crystal clear picture on my TV! And I can watch tv stations higher than 45! Oh happy day. I feel like a young kid when the TV was first invented and her dad just brought home one for the family. I can finally see picture and not just hear sound on the Food Network.

We talked about machine guns and cervic's in my mural class today. It was a really wierd day. Let it be said that 15 college students should not be expected to gesso a wall at 9 in the morning.

On another note: LEEEEEEROOY ... JENKINS!

Edit: HELLZ YEAH! I GOT AN "ACCEPTABLE" ON MY W.O.M.B.A.T.! FUCK YEAH BITCHES! I feel like this grade is more important that any other grade I've ever gotten. Ever. Srsly.
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