JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

I feel like a cosplay critique! (all good stuff, I swear)

I think I just found THE best Reno & Rude cosplayers. Evar. Here

O_O That Reno is hawt. Especially the almost nekkid picture of him/her(?)

If this Zack had a better wig, I'd like him a little more ... (I think his name is Zack ... Zacks? I forget. Cloud's buddy, that dude. )

ok, so I lied. Here's a bad one for ya. In fact, it's 2 bad ones, in the same picture! Two Vincents.

Eeeyah, when will people learn, no matter how entraced with satin you are at the fabric store because of its tendency to draw attention to itself for those that are shiney-prone 1) it does not photograph well 2) Vinny would never wear it. Ever. Not even if Sephiroth made him.

Aaah, another one for kyolicious's hall of fame. Gekka Mana.

And I'm done ...
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