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Man, why do I keep picking the stereotypical otaku classes? My History of Animation class is FILLED with them. And nothing but them. Except for the one Toshiya bag girl that I remember seeing around my Sound Acoustics class. I haven't had the chance to really say something to her, but I'd like to. Man, they wouldn't stop talking. I felt bad for the teacher. He didn't seem very ... organize or confident in his teaching. On top of that, there was a false fire alarm that knocked a good 1/2 hour of class. Then, after we'd all gotten back into our classrooms, someone set off a stink bomb in the hallway ... seriously, CTI students never left highschool. And the really early animation films he was showing were giving me major headaches. Damn those black and white flashing lines!

So my grades are in. 2 Cs, one B+ and a D. Not bad. My GPA on suffered about .08 points. That's really not bad. Not as bad as I thought. I scraped a B+ in Pompeii. Where the HELL that came from, I have no idea. A C- in India, not that I really cared. That class was fucking terrible. I didn't learn a damn thing. I probably coulv'e managed better than a C in my Game class, but I just got so sick of the busy work toward the end.

OMG 4 MORE CLASSES AND I'M A GRADUMATE! Holy fuck, what am I to do with myself afterwards? o_o; The worst thing is that my Senior Capstone class is like ... "Now that you've learned all that you have, it's time to put it to good use! Go at it! We'll make you a professional now, not just a student!" And I'm like ... so not interested in being a graphic designer any more. Oh well. As long as I can get this piece of paper telling me that my $150,000 really wasn't a waste, I'll worry about grad school later.

First things first though, I have to worry about ACen :/ I had it in my head to work on my Vincent arm a bit last night, but it never happened. I also thought about making the muslin version of my Kozi jumpsuit of camel toe goodness. Didn't happen. I just know 3 weeks until ACen I'll start working ... holy shit, 3 weeks is like ... in 2 weeks *Charlie Brown frustrated yell*

Somebody, please help me.
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