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Boy, I should be way more tired than I really am. I feel weak, my arms hurt. I actually have a bruise on my shoulder from my purse rubbing against it during the concert.

Got to O'Hare in no time, went through security rather fast, we were seated and in the air in no time. I tried to sleep, but I had an annoying old couple next to me that kept giving me bad looks. And there were 2 OBNOXIOUS kids sitting in front of me. The in-flight movie was GoF, yet the tracking of the tape was shitty and the sound was a bit sped up so they decided to change it to Family Stone. Didn't feel like watching it so I took a collection of 3 or 4 naps. I kept waking up to look out the window at the mountains (ooou).

Finally we land. We take a shuddle bus to the Orange County airport because it's closer to Ophelia's house and she doesn't have to go through LA traffic. On the way there, some Australian people got off at the DisneyLand resort and I learn that Dana's never been to a Disney theme park. We gotta go sometime. We also find a Yoshinoya, that great place that Dana kept telling me about in Japan. So she's like, so excitted, the shuttle bus driver is like "I've never seen someone so excitted about going to a Yoshinoya." We get to the other airport and Ophelia is a bit late picking us up and I fall asleep again on the sidewalk.

As we were flying over LA, I was looking at all the pretty houses on the hillsides and thought, "Damn, I hope Ophelia lives in one of those ... " and sure enough, she did! Living in Chicago, you don't see hills like the ones in Orange County. They were just beautiful, and the houses were spectacular. Dana kept making fun of me as I took pictures of the beautiful houses, being a total tourist. But I didn't care. I liked those houses a lot.

We decide to wake up Tony and Ivy, and Cherry (Tony's sister). I take another 15 minute nap on Ophelia's bed while everyone else is chatting. It takes us a while to get ready and stuff, because we're all tired and lazy. It takes us, I kid you not, 3 hours to get into make up and hair. I don't think we ever took a picture of us together, completely done up. We were running kinda late so we had to rush and head into LA traffic :/ But we got to the Wiltern around the time that the doors opened. We were far back in the line so we didn't get in until after the opening band was gone. We got a rather nice spot directly in front of the band on the 3rd tier back. We were basically level with the stage.

I have a whole new appreciation for Diru after seeing them in concert. Granted, this was a tester concert, but it was still amazing. Loud, and amazing. They played all of Withering to Death, a few songs on Vulgar, ending with Child Prey. They played my favorites, it was awesome. Kyo played with some blood, stripped, stuck his hand down his pants and did a lot of sexy dancing. It was beautiful. At the end, Kaoru and Toshiya were throwing picks, Die threw water bottles, Shinya threw his sticks, and Kyo threw a water bucket that he had dumped on his head and wore around for a bit before tossing into the audience. He left saying "bye bye" and it was the best. I really had a blast, despite being fucking tired and screaming myself hoarse and almost collapsing on the girl in front of me.

I got a t-shirt for me and a poster for Jen. They had NOTHING, it was sad. They just had all of their CDs and the 1 shirt and poster. Harry was there, too. It made me laugh, because he had that half-corn row hairstyle. God, he just amuses me. We talked to the crowd outside the venue, met the girl that was standing in front of us, found out she was a HP fan, so that rocked. I met Die-chan, the cosplayer. God was she fucking rude. It really surprised me. If you don't like people complimenting you on your costumes, don't bloody put them up all over the internet for people to admire. I wasn't like, a psycotic glomping fan or anything. I just said I liked her costumes, simple as that, and she rolled her eyes and gave me a "yeeah ... " sorta look. It was incredibly rude, I'll never bother with her again, that's for sure. I was told by Tony that she loathes people that tell her they like her costumes, and that's just really absurd. If I had someone tell me they liked my costume, I'd at least say thanks for fuck sake! I can understand crazy freaky fans being obsessed with her costumes and asking her how she did things and how that would annoy her, but I just wanted to off-handedly compliment her. I'll know now never to bother with that any more. She's the perfect example of why cosplay elitist are a royal pain in the ass.

So, technically it's Friday morning after the concert is over. We head back to Ophelia's friend Shivawn's house for drinks and chill out. I'm so tired I fall asleep on her couch, again. I don't think I really got any good sleep except in the form of a few naps here and there. We get back to Ophelia's place, I don't even bother showering. I take my make up off and get in my PJs and CRASH. We wake up in a few hours and Ophelia's mom made us awesome oatmeal, not the instant kind. It was really good. I don't usually like oatmeal, but that stuff was the shit. We wandered about for a bit before deciding to go out for Yoshinoya for lunch. We decided to head out to a Mac pro store because Tony needed more make up :D. Dana got a lovely make over while we were waiting for everyone to buy their stuff. Ophelia's sister Anna soon joined us. We had to rent a Durango for all of us to go out, though. We went to Yoshinoya and found out they had t-shirts, tea cups, chopsticks, and little toys! It was so awesome. Then we headed out to a promenade and to this store called KidRobot that had a ton of cute Japanese toys. I found a Panda Z keychain for my camera and a Nightmare Before Christmas cel phone dewd. There was a picture of a walking joint that had a banana in its hand. I took a picture of it, because it was awesome. The guy at the counter also gave me a free tofu face eraser :D. It was fun. We also went to Lush and I bought some coalsoap that Ophelia recomended for me. I also got some wake up temple balm, that I tried to use but it just didn't work ... Oh well, maybe it'll work once I use it a bit more.

We then came home, had a bountiful feast of Taco Bell and celebrated Tony's soon to be 20th birthday with a delicious ice cream cake. There was some bukkake pictures taken, it was fun. We then talked cosplay and Dana was crashing. So she went to bed, I followed soon after as Tony, Cherry and Ivy had to head on the road to Phoenix. I'm gonna miss them muchly, but I'm sure I'll see them again. It was LOADS of fun hanging out with them.

The next morning, it was just Ophelia, Dana and I. Ophelia went to return the Durango and Dana and I sorta lazily woke up and started packing. We got ready to go and headed out to Wal Mart for some make up sample cups for Dana to nab some of the nice pigments that Ophelia had. I'm not a make up person by any means, so I didn't really get anything for myself. We decided to load up the car and start heading for Laguna Beach to check out the area and the beach. Dana wants a shot glass, we find a neat (but expensive) clothing store. Dana and Ophelia bought matching jackets, they were really nice. I didn't fit in anything because I'm a fat ass. Oh well, I really didn't care. I was just feeling so disgustingly ... insignificant walking around Laguna Beach. I felt like the beautifully fake people were leering at me, as best they could with their plastic faces. It was creepy.

I felt the need to dip my foot in the ocean, to make it official that I actually did touch the ocean on both ends of the US. Got a picture, too. Because I'm a picture-tard. We headed to a hole in the wall Thai place for appetizers. They were damn good. Pot stickers of awesomeness. Then we headed towards LAX and stopped at another Yoshinoya before getting to the airport. This is when the shit starts to hit the fan.

We get to our plane with very little time to spare. The flight is over-booked, so we might get pushed on a connecting flight in Las Vegas, but we'd be put in First Class. Well, at the last minute, we're shoved on our original flight. I got a seat at the very back of the plane. My seat was wet and smelled like piss, but it was the very last seat on the plane so I couldn't exactly complain. It was only an hour long flight, but it still sucked. We had only 30 minutes to get to our connecting flight, I'm trying to rush but I'm a smoker and I'm wheezing. I'm pissed off because of the people on the plane that were told if they were staying in Phoenix to let the people that were going to Chicago off first. They didn't listen, so we were stuck behind them.

Well, we got on the Airbus to Chicago, I get to Chicago and my car has a bloody fucking boot on it. It's not like it's been there for 30 days, so I'm confused and annoyed. I've paid off my tickets, I don't understand. I am le pissed like no body's business. I'm tired, I just want to go home and sleep, and now I can't because this THING is on my wheel. Well, I have to go to the auto pound and they tell me I have an outstanding parking ticket from bloody fucking 2003! 2003! Why the HELL have I not gotten anything in the mail telling me "Hey, you still have a ticket to pay off ... " Well, that was a big surprise. I didn't have the cash, I had to go back to the International Terminal ATM. Got the cash, got back there, paid off the fucking ticket and boot fee, and finally got to go home. It only took an hour to do that, but I was so fucking sick of this shit. The shuttle bus driver was very very nice and kept waiting for us to take us back and forth to the airport and the pound.

It takes us 15 minutes to get home and I just crash. It was nice not sleeping with my head propped against the back of someones seat. Had sushi and pizza for lunch. Came home, tried to get the sticker off my window. Got a good portion of it, but the residue is still there. I'm probably gonna get some goo-gone tomorrow.

Class tomorrow, wee! There goes my Spring Break! It was fun, though. It really was. Senior Capstone tomorrow/Wed. History of Animation and Typography II on Tues/Thurs, Jr. Yr. on Friday. Fun times! But hey, I passed that Sound and Acoustics class by the skin of my teeth, so I don't have to take 5 classes this quarter! YAY!

I think my bed is calling me, and I will not ignore its call.
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