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How the FUCK has WB not asked Oldman back for OotP? Do they not realize that HE MADE SIRIUS?! He is the face of Sirius! He ... god damnit WB. He's not even asking for a lot, he probably wants the roll back or he knows that fans will not be happy. And I know for a fact that they WON'T be happy if he doesn't come back. Why is the WB not interested? I just ... guh, that really boils me for some reason. I loved Oldman for Sirius, despite my initial reaction of "UGH WHY HIM!?" The same went for Thewlis, but I've learned to live with it. In fact, I love Thewlis now as Remus. Sirius is one of my favorite characters, I just can't see someone else playing him.

I just feel sorry for the WB reps that have to deal with asbestos-laiden hate mail that would come their way if Gary isn't Sirius for the most important roll in the character's life. A howler would be really good right about now.
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