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I put on my whole Diru outfit. Socks and boots and all. I think the leg warmers that I was planning on making would look too out of place. Besides, the socks look cute. I might wear my other tank top so my tattoo will show instead of the one that came with my mesh shirt. God, it's hard being girly ...

It's difficult for me to pack for a 4 day trip that isn't a convention. I don't have to worry about so many bits and pieces to costumes that I might forget. Instead, I second guess what I'm going to wear (which everyone knows is just going to be jeans and HP t-shirts, but which t-shirts should I bring?!?! OMG DILEMAAAA!).

It's my mum's birthday today. She doesn't want us celebrating it, but of course we will. I'll probably get her Peeps and some flowers and a card. And dad will bring the same birthday cake we've eatten for everyones birthday for the past 25 years, checkerboard cake from Jewel. I get the feeling that my dad is afraid of change. He gets the same cake because he likes it, not necessarily because we like it. I don't complain. It's cake. It's the only trace of sugar we have in the house that'll last a few days ...

Time to head to the bank and Khol's to return stuff and get more socks and bras! Yay!

Damn, it really is early ...
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