JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

Why is it that whenever I finish reading a new volume of Death Note, I immediatly feel paranoid that someone has a Death Note IRL and is going to kill me if they realize I know that Death Notes exist?

It's a fleeting feeling, but still ... it's sorta creepy.

I have a final tomorrow for India. If anyone knows about the Gupta Empire, or the difference between Islamic and non-Islamic rule, please feel free to drop me some pointers ... I'm at a total loss as to what to write about for my in-class essays. And I'm fucking tired.

Fanta reminds me of summer camp ...

[/pointless post]

Edit: Good thing we got those plane tickets Dana. Flights to LA are now reaching $380. I don't think Jen'll be coming with us ... and

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REMUS LUPIN!!!!!111one xD (technically, it's not until tomorrow, but I wanted to wish him a Happy B-Day anyways ... not that he can hear me ... since he's a FICTIONAL CHARACTER IN A BOOK ... o.o )

Ok, I really am going to bed now ... [/ ... really]
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