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I am so gonna fucking kill my mom. Dad's going out of town Tues the 21st through Thursday, which means my mom wants me to take her to work Tuesday or Wed ... which means a lot of pain in the ass for me if I'm not to tell her about Diru ... either I take her to work Tuesday morning and head out on a later flight, or I take a flight home after the concert to take her to work come Wed morning, which would mean no hotel stay and it would be slightly cheaper.

And Jen doesn't have the money for a flight AND hotel stay, so she wants to fly there and back all in one day, on top of working that morning. I told her she's crazy, but she believes she can do it. I, for one, would rather beg, borrow, or steal to be able to settle down for a night ... besides, I've never been to NYC, it might be interesting to spend some time there other than just for the concert.

False alarm. My mom got me all worked up and scared about it, when she didn't really know the actual dates of my spring break. She just said "during your spring break" and I went into flip out mode. I think it's ok now. I just need to convince Jen that Keidy paying for her plane ticket is not a bad thing. It's Keidy's fault for offering to buy her Bleach costumes and the Diru plane ticket. Hell, I wish Keidy would give ME the money for a plane ticket. I really don't want to have to take it out of my parents money ...

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