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So, this study guide for my quiz today in Sound Acoustics looks more like a Final Exam study guide. And this is suppose to be a "quick" quiz. Fucking hell. I wish there was a way to bullshit your way through science and math. I can't keep this shit straight, at all. And no, I'm not toking before class. In fact, I'm not going to until after finals. It would make no sense to do that now. But then it's making me increasingly stressed out and paranoid and frustrated. GRR FUCKING SHIT COCK ASS!

Watched Blow Dry last night. Tattooed bare foot!Alan is sexy. As is drunken!hair stylist!Alan. It was a cute movie. I especially liked when that girl colored the dead mans hair to look like Sid Vicious. And the sheep with the bulls eye. And that Filch's penchant for animals seems to continue on in every film I've seen him in (that would be ... HP and Blow Dry now).

I've got to go talk to my councelor about this one art elective that someone wrote in a separate category from general electives. If I do fail this Sound Acoustics class (which is very likely at this point) I need to take another Sci Lab class. Well, I just signed up for Intro to Environmental Science, which is something better than this math/physics crap. *sigh* I wish I was still back in high school when I remembered all this science stuff ... maybe I shouldn't have put it off for so long.
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