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So, I just learned about this new convention called Phoenix Rises set to be in New Orleans next year ... and it's prepared by the same people that ran The Witching Hour ... which was also the people who ran Nimbus and who are going to run Lumos ... so, does that mean the Midwest bid for 2007's con is finished? Meaning, no hoping to bid for Chicago to host a con? ;_;

I really want them to have a HP con at the Hyatt and Steven's Convention center. That would just rock my socks off. I know that area well, there's little to no traveling involved. Perfect.

Man, I was going to go to Hobby Lobby today and look for cosplay things. But damn procrastination had me putting it off until it was too late. I can't go tomorrow after work, because it's closed on Sundays. Man, I really wanted to get more poster frames, beads, and foamie to start making the little bits to my various costumes.

I've thought about getting a dry erase board or a cork board to put up in my 'sewing' room and start tacking up pictures of costumes and writing check lists. Just to get more organized about this very, very busy cosplaying season I'm about to start. At last count, I figured about 10 costumes to make before July. I'm including costumes I'm helping to make, so the number might be a little inflated.
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