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Since this is the first Saturday I've had no plans for, I'm going to clean my room, do a shitload of laundry, and head to Hobby Lobby for some poster frames, feathers, beads, and other various things I need costuming-wise. I just bought my Vincent wig, and according to Dana it is very "flow-y" so it'll make me look like a sexier Vincent. I have yet to try it on, but it does feel SO so pretty. I will have to add more bangs and thin it out in some places, but that's easily accomplished.

Found Dana her Project G wig and extensions. Just a little altering and it should be perfect. She also decided that she wanted a Merveille wig, so we found one for that as well. We may need to do some sharpie-ing and more snip-snip and styling, but it's not too bad. God bless Heads n Threads. Really. I love that store like nobody's business. Their wigs are so amazingly priced. Almost everything in there is $20. But now I need to find those natural looking dread hair extensions for Black Stone. eBay loses this time. Boo.
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