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Current love: Bleach and Death Note mangas

Current annoyance: cold weather

I just knew that this Fall-like Chicago winter wasn't going to last forever. I just hope this doesn't mean that Spring will come later. So, I'm really into Bleach and Death Note manga at the moment. Like, really into it. Like, stole my mom's credit card and bought volume 2 thru 4 at Mitsuwa. Yeah, I'm bad. But they're only $8 ...

I have replenished my Japanese snack inventory that I hide from my parents in my room. They think all I'm eating for snacks is those 100 calorie Oreo packs ... which, I have been known to eat an entire box of in one sitting.

Oh yeah, I got an e-mail yesterday that 'my item was sold' on half.com. Uhh ... I posted those books like, 3 YEARS ago. I thought they took down your auctions after being posted for 30 days? I mean, it's awesome, I sold something for $7! Just very ... unexpected. Then I thought about all those meterology books I have that I never look at any more. And my X-Files books. And my Star Wars books. I still think I'd like to keep my Stargate novels, though ... xD Man, I am a dork ...

I keep telling myself "4 more months, 4 more months and I'm done! I'm free! I can relax, go to conventions without worrying about missing class, or feeling the need to miss class to finish costumes for conventions. But then I think of how ... empty my life is going to be not being in school. I've been going to school more than half my life, non stop, no taking time off of it for anything. Slacking, maybe, but never on hiatus. It's gonna suck, that's what. I don't really see myself working full time at Wolf, at all.

I want to just go on road trips, go to conventions, go to Japan. Maybe take out loans that I'll never pay back and go do the shit that I want to do. Move out of my parents house, even though I don't feel independent whatsoever.

That would be very nice ...
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