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I think I'm actually starting to get a bit excitted about ACen instead of Lumos. I still have everything to do, but it'll be nice pulling out that sewing machine again. After all, I have graduating to worry about before Lumos.

Took India midterm today, don't think I did too well, now that I think back on it. Oh well, there's always the final.

Found Merveille Gackt fabric for malfoymenace, now I just need to get my own. You'd think red on red sequent fabric wouldn't be too hard to find ... but it is.

But! Good news! The Vogue Fabric on Roosevelt has BLACK RIP-STOP NYLON! OMFGGGGGGG! This is good news, only if you ever plan on making a 1st Task Harry or Cedric costume. I thought that no fabric stores would carry it, that it was something too special that I'd have to order, but I am SO WRONG. w00t. Although, I have to admit that it is VERY thin. Like, thinner than what I expected. There's no way one could line that properly without interfacing it all :/ So I may end up ordering it online anyways, if it comes in different weights.

Congrats to zeekart, malfoymenace, and tsubagahoshi for skoring a massivly awesome new apartment. And now that malfoymenace says that if I were to ever move in, my room would be a follow-thru into the cat liter box/ferret room, I'm a bit iffy about doing it :P that, and my desk was a bitch and 3/4ths to get out of my bro's room and to the apartment. I don't want to have to do that again.
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