JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

So, I sucessfully sniped a Malice Mizer Merveille's photo book with 10 seconds left in the auction. It has really nice pictures of the 'stumes we're doing, so I bought it for reference. And, I realized that out of my entire j-rock collection, I have next to no Malice Mizer stuff, yet they were my first love. I've got that 1 Bible, but that's it. Sure, I have a ton of Gackt stuff, but that's because he's popular now. When I got into MM, they were already on Klaha and very near splitsville, so all their merch was obscenely expensive.

I'm considering this ebay purchase to be a joint one with Dana and I, and not at all in accordance with my ebay quota for the month ... e.e ... it's costume references! But still, no more ebay for a while.
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