JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

Top 10 signs you are RPing with kozibot:

10. She always posts first, it's just become habbit. She doesn't even ask for others to post first, ever.
9. She's on the computer with a statues msg "RP WITH ME PLZ" when she should be in class.
8. There are absolutly no girls involved/mentioned whatsoever.
7. Commas are used extensivly, and, way, too, much.
6. She'll send you the first half of her post then type the second half while you wait, because she doesn't like writing up posts in Word or Notepad to copy+paste into an IM window, trying to figure out the word limit of Y!M only for her post to get truncated anyways.
5. Sex and/or angst are introduced after at least 2 posts.
4. She'll claim to not have any plotline ideas, but then comes up with something out of nowhere ... only for it to get lost in sex anyways.
3. "White ropes" is said at least once. With two separate meanings.
2. In between posts, she'll send you silly/crazy/cute/random picture links, whether or not they pertain to the SL.
1. You're Ang XD

So, I went to go pay off that traffic ticket I got for "failure to oeby a stop sign" and the cop sent me to the wrong place. The sherrif at the court house that I went to was very kind and helpful, telling me that if I wanted court supervision I'd have to go to the circuit court, but that I shouldn't go until next week because my ticket probably hasn't been processed yet. Then, I just bring in this piece of paper with my info, ask for court supervision, and the ticket isn't put on my record and everything is hunky dory.

Hey tsubagahoshi, I bought a spare PS2 cord for j00, because I don't want to have to climb back behind my TV to unhook the ones that took quite a struggle to get back there in the first place. I'll bring it tomorrow after class ends at 4:30. I'll bring the controller, too. So we can play sumthin'. I found a video of a l'arc~en~ciel video game (don't know what platform it's for) but we gotta find it. It looks super cute.
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