JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

Oh man. My dream last night was one of those ... weird ones you think is real. First, I had a pet polar bear in my upstairs bedroom, and I was trying to hide him from my mom. Then, I was riding my bike to school ( from the suburbs o_O ) and I went into this El tunnel and was dodging people while still on my bike, then I got stuck behind this family of bike riders that was going too friggin' slow. Yeah, I don't remember the rest ...

I haven't moved my brothers matress from my bedroom since Dana slept over. And I continue to sleep on it, for some strange reason. I think it's because it's a generally unused matress and it feels nice compared to my own more used one. Y'see, even in his own bedroom, my brother didn't sleep on his bed. He slept on the old ratty 70's style green couch that used to be in our family room. I never understood why he did it, maybe he was practicing being a bum for life or something, because that's what he is now.

I really have to tell my boss not to put me on the schedule during the week, and put me on the schedule when I'm available. I just can't make it back in time to work any sort of decent hours during the week when I have class until 5. And it makes me feel obligated to go to work and not class more often than not. I really DON'T want to lose this job, despite how shitty of a schedule he's been putting me on lately. Ash says sometimes companies do that because they want you to quit. I don't think that's the case at Wolf. The store is just tiny, there's only 6 people that work there. Jen was thinking of applying, which would be nice because then she could work nights in the lab and I wouldn't feel bad for not being able to make it to work, or worse yet, sacrifice my school to make it to work on time -_- I think it's also because my boss is a little abscent minded. He's a very busy man, having to deal with a lot of stuff all the time. But it's also the business. I don't know why I seem to do this, but my last 2 jobs have been with stores that were parts of big companies that just didn't seem to do so well. Like, any other Wolf Camera in the area would've been a better choice rather than this one.
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