JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

Talk about a cross-over ...

Last nights dream had me being the mediator between the people of Middle Earth and Team SG-1. I was on the Middle Earth side, and all those warriors were off to battle Sarumon in the epic battle at the end of RotK. While, like, ever man is away at battle, I'm helping take care of the women, children, and old folks. Until SG1 seemingly appear out of nowhere. They're like, "We're here to bring technology to these less fortunate people!" And I'm all "Whoa, wait, wtf? We don't need technology. We're fine with what we have, siriusly. Go home." Apparently, Daniel and Jack knew me, so they were all "C'mon, you knew this was going to happen. Just let the United States help Middle Earth!" I was completely adamant about not letting them.

So, the dream skips a bit, I'm in my room, thinking about how to get rid of SG1 while they start setting up a technology 'center' in the middle of their little women/children/old ppl town. I step out of my bedroom, and Daniel is sitting in a hot tub, nekkid, enjoying the bubbles. I quickly exit and find a few people sleeping in what I consider my 'family room' of my rather modern looking home. I'm staring at the sleeping children, when I feel Daniel walk up behind me and embrace me from behind. I'm all "Ew, get away from me!" and he's all "C'mon, you know you miss me ... " Then he pulled away and went to my bedroom, where I stormed in and told him to get out. But he yanked me onto the bed and started tickling me, and that's when Jack and Aragorn walked in on us, and I was all O_O omfg. Like, enemies had been caught in bed together. I kick Daniel out and ... I woke up.

Fucked up, man. Real fucked up.
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