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I don't know whether to feel sorry for this kid, or laugh my ass off at him.

I just changed my Y!M icon to a purple square with text in it that reads, "The terror alert level has been raised to PURPLE. There are gay people everywhere!" In responce to that icon, I explain my reason for putting it up

Friend: Hey! I resent that picture...*Pouts*
Me: I thought it was funny!
Me: it's not that I think gay people are terrorists
Friend : *Laughs*
Me: I think that people are stupid enough to avoid them and think they're nasty things that are a bastardization against God, are the same people that made this color coded terror alert. If they could, they would have this for real
Friend : *Growls at said people*
Me: but then the gay community would unite, forming a gigantic human mecha called "Gayzilla" and trample these unsuspecting creetons
Friend : *Snorts and starts laughing*
Me: it won't be pretty
Me: the government would sustain such heavy losses, that America will beforced into complete anarchy ... and marshal law will break the country apart
Friend : *tries to stop his laughter*
Friend : *really does*
Friend : *fails*
Me: it's the perfect plan!
Me: Gays will exact their revenge completely
Friend : I'm bi, so...*Shrugs*
Me: well, you're included
Me: You form the "We win because we were on BOTH sides!" party
Me: sorta like Snape!
Friend : LOL

Speaking of homosexual things, on the train down town I saw a guy that was THE spitting image of Justin from QaF. Well, he could've been a little older "no more baby faced" Justin, but it was JUSTIN. Down to his golden blond hair. Ooooh, if I had my camera. I didn't see what stop he got off on, but I hope I run into him again *_*
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