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This is weird. I was just talking to my friend Aidan about my old 5th grade teacher Steve Layne (because Aidan's middle name was Layne, and I remembered my teacher for some odd reason). He loved Armstrong from the Bulls (back when they were the best team in the world), and I won a raffle to go out to lunch with him and got to ride in his kick ass sports car. That was a lot of fun. He was a good teacher, one of the only ones I really remember from Butler.

I was filtering through the mail this morning and came across a neon yellow piece of paper with "Steve Layne Book Benefit." I started to read it, because it was too damn much of a coincidence that I had just been talking about him, when I hadn't seen/heard from him in about 9 years.

He is recovering from Guillain-Barre Syndrome, something that has paralyzed him from the neck down since last December. He was put on a respirator for 2 months while he battled with the disease, but is now a bit better and expects a full recovery. He's writen 12 children's books, and a new one is going to be on sale soon. If you pledge money to his family to help pay medical bills, you get a signed copy of his new book before it goes to the stores. And the artwork was even done by my old ecentric art teacher Mrs. Kilnger. Gods, I remember her. She had the craziest hair, very Hermione-like hair. And one day she came to class, back from a vacation in Cancun with corn rows and braids with beads on the end. Silly, silly art teacher.

So yeah, I just thought that was very strange. I don't know if I'm going to pledge anything. Money is tight as it is. But I thought it was rather shocking.

Had to drive mom to work before the sun was up, not fun. Came home, collapsed on the couch and had a fucked up dream where I went to Japan and met an american art dealer putting up an instillation of a big fucking painting of me when I was 10. Then this German cop came by to see what was up, and I showed him my ID, and he handed it back to me and said "Your city is full of shit" and walked away.
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