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You are one of the Undying, the immortal beings
that would stand beside the gods, had they not
been bound to the material world by people.

What level of divine power do you have?
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Susu slept all day yesterday, and so it was her duty to keep me up last night. Jen likes o sleep with the covers over her face, so Susu doesn't bother her. So ... her other target is me. I didn't get to bed until 1 am last night, and I told Jen to keep Susu out of the bedroom because i knew she was going to claw me whwen i least expected it. And just as I said that, Susu attacked my feet.

She continued to cry for attention during the night, sleeping on my face and everything.

Susu looks like a retard cat when she's playing with her toys ... I don't know why, she just does ...

I had my photo paper stolen out of my locker the other day. It had a lock on it and everything, too. I doubt the school will pay for it ... but now I'm stuck and can't complete my excersize for today -_-. And I've just beguun my other project, and I need to have 2 rolls of film done and developed before Thursday ... this is gonna suck ... and oh yes, I have my supermarket project due on Friday ... haven't even started that one *grrr* Reactor is coming up soon, too. I need to START workin on Jin.

And I have monster cramps ... this is not gonna be a good day ...
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