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Holy PIGSHIT Batman!

Hello all of you folks that thought I was dead (again). I've been away for so long, I've forgotten why I made all those completely useles posts in the past! Silly that, aye?

Well, I've been working my tail off at the Depot, and my first big pay of the summer will be arriving tomorrow. Just in time for me to completely SPLURGE LIKE MAD on stuff for my Sparrow costume when we go to the Ren faire. I'm going to try and find boots, a cutlass sword, a flitlock pistol, a really nice belt and baldric, and maybe find someone to custom-make a Jack Sparrow hat for me. I need this 'stume in time for Reactor methinks, as well as Halloween. Maybe they'll be playing PotC at the tivoli again? That would rock.

In other news: yeah, there isn't much going on outside of me having a sudden extreme urge to be a pirate and get Jack's tattoo. My life revolves around Jack at the moment. I just saw, today, not more than 10 minutes ago, that the Sparrow action figure is coming out in Jan/Feb 2005. It looks AWESOME. Super spectacular. It's one of those 18" tall kind and it's gloriously detailed. You can get Jack with a 'serious' face or a 'smiling' one. I might get both :P

Jen and I still haven't found an apartment for next year, but we did make some calls and such. We're thinking about the place where Starrla and Adam live. Dunno if I really want that tho. Although it would be a lot better than being near some other folks I don't care to mention right now.

Oh well, that's all for now. Look for another boring update from me in another month or so ... maybe.

Where there's a Will, there's a way ;)
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