September 16th, 2009


2 weeks later ...

I think I've finally recovered from my summer of intense fun, and now it's on with the show.

Dragon*Con was tons of fun. Costumes were a hit, Pride & Prejudice & zombies was the best. It was so much fun to be a zombie. The Yule Ball was killer, seeing lilacwire in her Kaylee layer cake dress was outstanding. The fun never ended. Met some new people, created many a new in-joke. Got my registration already for next year.

It was announced just the other day that the HP theme park was officially opening spring 2010. And also that Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides was due for release in 2011!

Also, work at the new Joann's location nearly killed me. Literally. I hurt my wrist and woke up this morning with a dangerous fever. Mom thought I had swine flu. Damn her nurse logic. So for today, I'm taking a break and hoping my hard working aches and pains go away soon.
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