July 14th, 2009


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This is it. The last day. in less than 24 hours I'll be boarding a flight to San Fran with way too much crap and far too much excitment. First things first, though, is a jaunt to the Field for the Pirates exhibit, and then to work tonight from 4 to 9. Afterwards, I'm to pick up the ladies, bring them back here and try to get some sleep tonight. I doubt it's going to happen. Sleep, that is. At least for me.

Everything is packed, I ended up bringing 2 rather light suitcases and a duffle bag. Took out about 30 things last night that I didn't need. Now, if I can only remember to buy turtle food before work, I'll be all set. And hope that my brother isn't too dim-witted to figure out how to feed Morton.

The day is finally here, and it's time for me to relax and enjoy my vacation! Pool, here I come!