June 4th, 2009


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Remembering a dream from last night, I was cosplaying Ichigo. Now I say "cosplaying" because I knew I wasn't accurate. I had a bad wig, horrible clothes, and a cheap cardboard sword. But I was suppose to look bad. I was following a bunch of other costumed people onto a stage and risers, and we were standing in front of a group of ... parents. Like, our parents. As if we were back in junior high. We started to sing something, but I had no idea what we were singing. There was no music, people were still moving around on the stage, no one was ready for this apparent performance. And then the parents got really ornery and bored, so they decided to just bum rush the stage and pull their kids off.

The worst part about it, though, was seeing my dad in that crew. I hate it when he pops up unexpectedly like that. Every time I see him, it's a sudden shock to my system and I usually wake up from it. And he almost never looks me in the eyes.

Today is a sewing day. It's only 11 am I've finished a pair of pants and have cut out all the fabric for my vest and shirt. All that's left is to work on the coat, and young Dumbledore will be DONE. If I have any energy left, I'm going to try and at least cut out the coat fabric and possibly get the Quidditch robes cut out today. Watching marathons of HP movies seems to be helping and really getting me motivated and excited as HELL for Azkatraz. It's looking more and more likely that I'll be finished with a record number of costumes in the shortest amount of time. I realize I fret over my costume making more than it takes me to make them. I blame my mom for turning me into this paranoid freak.

This weekend is the Port Washington pirate fest and I will, of course, be there. And not surprisingly it's going to rain! Awesome! It's what's to be expected, really. Every single year it's been there (this is it's 4th year I believe) it has just POURED. Really not going to stop me. We're not running a table this year, so it should be more exciting. Barbossa will make an appearance, as will my girl pirate outfit that I made last year and never wore. That should be an exciting weekend, hanging with Lisa, Mouse and Rob again. I had a BLAST last year, and I'm sure it'll be just as fun this year.
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