May 16th, 2009


Harry Potter: The Exhibit, first visit

I didn't get my hopes up for it, I'm trying my best to not do that lately for a lot of things. I usually set myself up for dissapointment if I do. But this exhibit was well beyond my expectations.

I don't know how detailed you folks want me to be, in case it shows up in your town and you want to be pleasently surprised. So, for the sake of spoilers, I'll put it behind a cut. And this is EVERYTHING, nothing left out. So it's super spoiler-rific.

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And as you're leaving the exhibit, there's a wall full of clapping portraits, and you're in the gift shop! Yaaay, gift shop! I'm still beyond frustrated that they don't have an exhibit book, and I'm to the point where I'd love to write the WB and tell them to pull that stick out already. I've never seen a company so uptight over such miniscule things. I can understand not making it because you want other people to pay to see it, and having a book would consitute the scanning of images and such maybe ... but c'mon, it's about time the fans got a visual companion! They didn't even have regular shirts, just stupid glittery girl-cut shirts with those super short sleeves that never look good on me.

Overpriced shirts aside, they had a neat sweatshirt I might get next time I go, but for my first trip I found something I couldn't let go of. They had Gentle Giant Ltd. busts, including the one I'd been craving about as long as I knew it was coming out. The transforming Remus Lupin limited edition bust. And it was only $5 more than what GG was selling it for, but they've been out of stock on them since 2008. Ebay only has a few that are about 3 times that price. Now Severus has his wolfie friend to chill next to! So, with werewolf in hand, it ended a wonderful day.

Pictures are up on my facebook here

I couldn't get too many photos, because photography was forbiden. But I was sorted into Slytherin, so I had to break the rules just a bit. When I go again, I'm more confident that I can take more photos and not get caught!