May 7th, 2009


Acen is like crack, crack is like anime? No, wait ...

Last minute packing = last minute costume for Saturday night. Why? Because I wanted to.

What posessed me to want to actually be a girl is beyond me, but it's going to happen. And My Girls are going to be front and center. I'm doing a steampunk ensemble, naturally. I started thinking about what I wanted to wear, then I got to thinking, "Maybe I'll be a stereotypical vampire. Corset, slinky skirt, elbow length gloves ..." and then it totally morphed. I started adding more and more shit to it until it suddenly became steampunk. I'm even going to werewolf it up a little by wearing my contacts and fangs. I'll be wearing my wavy platinum white Dumbledore wig as well. Or maybe my Cissa wig, I'm really not sure. I've got 24 hours to decide!

There's nothing more exciting than being able to pull something out of my stock of stuff and create something completely different. I'm even wearing some window treatments! Two of them, to be exact. And a rabbit pelt donated by in_motu_proprio. The only thing I have to do now is think of a name. I don't even know what my character does. Maybe she's a professional gambler? Yeah, that sounds right.

The weekend is looking phenominal. The Weather Channel people are even jealous of us here in Chicago (I think they're around the Atlanta are, because one of them mentioned it once) because they keep swooning over it.

Time for some last minute errands, then to work, then to sleep ... then to work early again, and THEN Acen. Phew!