May 5th, 2009


Too much of a good thing ...

Well, my day yesterday was better than usual. No work, lazed around most of the day with nothing to do. It's good, though. I need to relax myself before my weekend of crazy awesome.

Started packing, got all my table stuff in my suitcase with no room for the rest of my stuff. Costumes fit in 1 dress bag, rest of my stuff fits in a small duffle bag. 1 bag of snacks and 3 12-packs of soda. That's it, not bad considering I can fill the trunk with nothing but my stuff normally.

Got an e-mail from none other than Glockgal, one of my favorite HP artists, to inform me that my design had been picked for the Azkatraz convention t-shirt contest. Wow, I was so not expecting that. I'd come up with about a half a dozen designs, so I guess it helps when you have a lot of choices right off the bat. It's not only a good thing that you all going to Azkatraz will be wearing my design across your boobs, it's also a great graphic design portfolio piece. I do have to say that in_motu_proprio gave me the dementor idea, so part of its success is from her input.

The other good news that made my day was that my lovely lady stupid_drawings will be attending Azkatraz. I'm so excited, even more so than I was before. I might explode. Siriusly.

Now that ACen is right around the corner and costuming for that is done, it's time to start thinking on my sewing projects for Azk. So as of right now, my tentative Azk costumes are as follows: Quidditch Harry, green version Narcissa, and Young Dumbles as new costumes. Then, I'll probably bring one Harry outfit (I've got 3 ideas for new Harry outfits and then 2 other Harry's I'm willing to bring, the problem is going to be picking just one) and I have to bring Snape now that I have my bad ass Death Eater mask. On top of my own costumes, I've got 3 others to make. Oh joy. 6 costumes to make, let's hope it'll happen. Fingers crossed.

Ohhh why can't it be Friday?
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