April 29th, 2009


A mish mash of things

Welp, lots of things going on with less than 10 days to go until the official start of my con season. And I still haven't finished getting my photos developed from Terminus and the Crystal Ball ... better get on that.

Irvine is DONE. 100% not touching it any more. Photo on my dA and Facebook, I'm too lazy to link a photo here. Well, I might fix the bottom of the chap that keeps flipping up and showing the ugly side. I've decided not to make Academy Training Izuru for ACen, but probably for D*C. It's a simple costume, I don't need a sword (just a book). It'll be good to bring a costume with so little pieces to D*C.

The Crystler (my old car) is acting up again. To fix it would cost more than what the car is worth. The AC compressor shaft is clanking obnoxiously and would cost $1500 to fix it. Although if we don't, it'll probably explode off and rip apart fan belts and gut the engine. I haven't needed the AC in that car for the last 3 years I had it, it doesn't need to be fixed now. There's just no way this car is going to survive much longer. We're looking into trading it and the Plymouth in for a slightly newer used car for my brother, but that's just it. It's for my brother. He'll not pay for it, so it falls on my mother's shoulders to get him something. That Crystler has a LOT of miles on it, it's due to be dumped. It went through years of toting my brother back and forth to Aurora for a school he was kicked out of, and then I had it for about 50,000 miles and didn't exactly treat it as I should've. 1 accident, 3 run ins with a pole. Ok, so that's not THAT bad. I'm certainly a better driver these days.

The Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry is opening tomorrow. I can't believe all the stuff that's going to be there. From what I've glanced at so far, this is WAY bigger and WAY more bad ass than the Star Wars exhibit I saw way back when. I'm definitely going to be going more than once, taking photos each and every time. Probably in costume, at least a casual student Harry if not Snape. Boy am I glad to live in Chicago! I'm trying not to spoil myself, but one of the things I'm most excited to see is the Angel of Death tombstone from GoF. I'm also hoping they'll have an exhibit collection photo book to buy, the closest thing I'll get to having a movie companion. They actually have an audio tour I might do as well. You even get to hear from the costume designer from the films.

Keidy is home from her stint in Japan after suffering some health issues. She wasn't happy, that was the bottom line. It seems like Japan is a harsh place to live by yourself if you're a friendly person like Keidy. I'm sure if she'd gone with someone else, it would've been much easier. When she was finalizing her return home, Keidy went all out on last minute buys. And to my surprise, Keidy gave me a whole goodie bag of stuff. I got Bleach notebooks, Bleach folder, Bleach stress ball, Bleach pencil boards, and a ton of Gackt stuff, some of which she got for free. I got 2 window cling things from what I believe is his first R&R concert, a Sixth Day Gackt card, the same thing I got when I bought my own Sith Day except the photo is of Oasis Gackt instead. I also got some old stickers, they look like they're from just after his MM days, and a Seventh Night guitar shaped cel phone dangle. But the creme de la creme is the newer Gackt stuff. I got a Ghost R&RII cel phone dangle, a R&RII purse, and 2 R&RII posters. All of that is official concert only merchandise, too so it's super awesome. I also got the Ghost single and the Kamen Rider Destiny single. Keidy is the BEST! It was like a second birthday, she doesn't have to get me a Birthday or Christmas present this year, that's for sure. Although she didn't find me the boob pudding I'd asked for :(

I also would like to mention that my brother has started some light anti-depressant meds. I'm surprised to say that I'm starting to see an improvement. He's actually told me that he feels like he should clean himself up now before he heads out. He's cleaning up his mess down stairs, and he's been doing an amazing job on the yard work this week and last week. This really might be the break we've been searching for. Although it's not going to help his SS Disability case we're trying to get for him. Who knows, it might still work out in the end.

It's getting harder and harder to go back to work, after I've had that wonderful mono vacation. It almost seems like good karma is coming my way ... but too much of a good thing, y'know ...
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