April 25th, 2009


Costuming fury

Yes, that's right ladies and gentlement, this is another costuming post, brought to you by the letter C ... for ... cowboy ...

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Anyone watching that new crime drama show with Nathan Fillion? I keep frogetting to watch it. Krod Mandoon on the other hand, rocks my socks off. I love the 'sorcerer' that can't actually do any real magic. And that the big fat bald guy's lackey looks like Snape ... or the Berries and Cream boy all grown up! D'awwww.

And Deadliest Catch is back! Wooo! Mythbusters too! Yes, I realize how nerdy this makes me. I hardly care.

Oooh, we're suppose to have thunderstorms today. Awesome. Well, back to sewing! I *will* have this coat finished by the end of the day ...