April 11th, 2009


At the end of it all

Things that got done thanks to another dose of steroids: (I really need to watch it, I might abuse them)

I cleaned up my car. malfoymenace, remember how messy it was the last time we hung out? Yeah, that was about 3 weeks old at the time. So it's been sitting there for nearly 2 months. Gross.

Took out all of my trash, including recycling a TON of paper. I went paper cleaning crazy. Got rid of old magazines on my bookshelf to make room for new ones.

I found a stack of craft magazines that I cut out interesting pictures and typography to be used in photo keychains. I even found a travel magazine that had a cover article on Japan with cute little cartoons in them. I cut them up and put them in a few keychains and added some mixed media and junk. I made a few steampunk ones, too. If they still have these at Jewel on sale, I'm going to buy the whole box of them and make more. They're a ton of fun.

I made another pair of earings. That's in in the jewelry department.

My sewing room looks beautiful and clean. Just in time for me to mess it all up again with more projects. I did a lot of rearanging and perging of my costume rack. It was getting a little on the shaky side with how many costumes were on it. I moved ones I knew I'd never wear again to a closet and the rack didn't seem quite so unstable. And I'm just now realizing how much I've progressed in my sewing. My old stuff was falling apart as I moved them. The stuff I make now seems way more ... I dunno, solid.

I've got 2 more drawstring bags and a rubber stamp embelished red velvet dice bag to finish, a retro dress to finish, an ACen costume that's about 70% done, a shirt that needs to be aged and dyed a slightly darker shade of grey (how does one do this? Just dip it in black rit dye for a very short soak? Tips are greatly appreciated!) and a zipper that needs to be replaced in another dress.

And yes, I plan on getting this all done today and tomorrow. Well, at least SOME of it. All of it might be a bit of a stretch for me.

I need the needle

So, I'm seriously considering another tattoo. It's been long enough This time, I'm considering something way out of the norm. Well, ok not WAY out of the norm. But it's not Harry Potter.

I'm very seriously considering a Rocketeer tattoo. Is that out of left field? Because it should be. I'm still going to do it, because it's classic and doesn't have to make sense to anyone but me.

Trouble is, where to put it? I'm thinking along my side, close to the hip below the ribs. Maybe the inside of my upper arm. I don't want to draw attention to my legs, and my outer arms are saved for other tat ideas I have for later dates. I've got nearly my whole body figured out. At least as much of it as I'd like to be covered.

The other option is to get either the map figured out or get the potion bottle for my back piece. I'm still planning on getting a full on gigantic collage of nothing but HP stuff, it's just the money situation that's keeping me from going hog wild. Actually, if I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd probably still wait a little bit before finishing the whole back piece in one go. It's all to do with experiences. Tattoos are experiences for me. Each of them has a date and a moment of significance.

I was trying to do one a year, but that failed in 2006. 3 years without one, I'm going to make up time by doing 3 this year. My 2008 was horrible, I wouldn't want to commemorate it with a tattoo, but I will think of it in retrospect as I widdle it down to the 3 I want to get this year. The Rocketeer is a definite, though. I'm leaning heavily toward the more retro teaser poster image of the very angular Rocketeer, but I found a fantastic comic book shot that would be equally nerdy nifty.
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