April 9th, 2009


Artsty post, brought to you by the letter S!

Steroids are a magnificent thing. It's a shame athletes abuse them and they get a bad wrap.

One side effect is an increase in energy, or restlessness. Well that doesn't do well when I'm trying to go to sleep and it's nearly 2 am, like last night. On the flipside, I've switched my dose to the mornings so I can get to sleep at night.

Because of this burst of energy, I've managed to work on a ton of little odds and ends in my sewing room. I've turned 3 t-shirts I never wore again (because they shrunk in the wash) into drawstring bags. I have to say they are pretty cute, especially the one with the hoodie pocket in the front and the happy face stars, sun, and flowers on it. I also made a very cute pirate belt out of some really wide trim and a HUGE belt buckle. I fixed up a pirate tshirt purse's handles that didn't look right, so there's another one to sell. I've got 1 more drawsting shirt bag to make and I'm calling it quits for today. Can't overwork myself now that I'm feeling better.

I've got 3 Mario star purses to finish, just need the stuffing now. And I've got about 15 Golden Snitch pins to make. I've also got about 10 blank photo keychains that I found at Jewel on super clearance. I had planned to put little Auror badges in them for my party, but I ran out of time. I could still do that, but I don't want to make them ALL the same thing. So, anyone have suggestions as to what to put in them? They can't be copyright things, so I can just slap photos of Daniel Radcliffe in them and sell them. I was thinking of random pretty fabric swatches, or random collages from some old manga I had, or just magazines in general. I used to do that crap all the time when I was young. When I'd make mix tapes, I'd slather the cassette case with a taped collage of awesome. They were a lot of fun!

Then I'm DONE. No more crap to make and I can get to finishing up my cosplays.

I even worked a bit on sewing down some of the gathers in my 'Cissa bustle, to cut back on the pins that were in that thing. Oh, and added s'more lace to the bottom of my green and black skirt so now it actually hits the floor and looks awesome. All that's left to do of 'Cissa is finish the gathering, add more/replace the buttons on the black shirt, make the cape, and make a cute little hat. Maybe a purse, too. 'Cissa needs pockets for her cigarettes, as always.

Now that's not including the stuff I was working on while on my arse in front of the tv. I've made close to 40 different things to sell at the table, and I only hope someone's going to BUY my crap. I guess I could always list them on Etsy if it doesn't work out. But it would be really sweet to a) get some money and b) clear out my sewing room of some stuff. I've barely bought anything from all of this that I've made. More than 95% of it all was stuff I'd collected over the last year and a half of working at JoAnn's. If you have a problem with hoarding and you like to sew or craft, working at JoAnn's is probably not a job I'd recommend. From personal experience, of course.
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