April 4th, 2009



I'm in stage 2 of my mononucleosis, the worst sore throat of my life stage. My tonsils are completely covered with white gunk and I can barely swallow my own spit. It's draining on me just to swallow, yet I can't nap to save my life. I've managed to keep fluids in me, seeing as how ice cold drinks are the only thing I can really enjoy. My mom made me some comfort food in the form of corn fritters for dinner, and as much as it hurt to eat, it felt good. I was very surprised mom made them after I off-handedly said I had a taste for them. Her nurse mode is on full steam, it's going to suck when she has to go to work on Monday and I won't be waited on.

I hate viruses just about as much as I hate cancer. There's noting worse than having an ailment where the doctor says "Just rest and it'll go away on its own." I'm sick of this already and it's only day ... well hell I don't know what day it is of this, but I hope this major sore throat is the plateau of it and I'll start getting better or at least not getting any worse. Some sources say the sore throat lasts 1 to 2 weeks, some say 4 weeks. Some say the effects can last longer than a month.

I just really hope, for the sake of my job, that this doesn't last for a month. Not to mention being out of work for that long REALLY doesn't do well on my finances. I still have bills to pay and all that.

I actually purchased my Azkatraz plane ticket today. Now all I need to worry about are the costumes and the hotel. Excitment!